Is Divorce and Family Law a hidden issue in the 2016 Presidential elections

I was reading this article about how polls show that family leave pay is a huge issue for voters this year. Apparently people – women in particular – between the ages of 40 – 64 really think this is a huge issue for them in this presidential election. They want it to be law that when they take off from work to care for children or aging parents, that they will get paid for it.
This will obviously impact state and federal laws if a change is made to allow folks to get paid for time off. And it will affect things like child support and spousal support, I would think. Just imagine you get divorced and you also have to take time off from work because you are caring for a parent. The money you get might be used to compute your chid support obligations as well as your spousal support obligations more than likely – in a divorce scenario. Unless whatever legislation is enacted specifically exempts these funds from being taxable and/or includable in the event of a divorce.
In the case of women who seem to be more in favor of this allowance, they may want something written into the law that says that the fact that they may be receiving family leave pay should not be computed in any amount they receive for alimony and child support. Especially since any such pay would be temporary in scope. I don’t see being able to get this type of funds for longer than two years. What do you think?.