Do Divorce Lawyers Need to Be More "Empathetic"?

What a concept! The empathetic divorce lawyer. Is this an oxymoron? I don’t think so necessarily. I think that if a lawyer is even specializing in Divorce and Family Law in the first place, he or she must have at least one “sensitivity chip.” Because this stuff is not easy on the emotions, nerve endings and stress modules. This stuff is depressing often times and sad and scary and tragic and nobody could do it unless, to at least a certain extent, they give a crap – unless he or she is some sort of sociopath.
But is it enough? I ran across this post and this is what has me thinking about this stuff. The fact that this lawyer made this thing a whole thing suggests that he thinks there is not enough empathy in the profession as a whole. He did not isolate “divorce lawyers” but it still begs the question whether there is enough empathy for clients among divorce lawyers specifically.
On the other hand, I think an overly empathetic divorce lawyer could render himself impotent as far as his efficacy as an advocate of clients before the court. There has to be a certain amount of emotional distance. Otherwise you just become a gloried psychiatrist. The question is, what is the right balance, isn’t it?
What is your opinion on this?