Would Donald Trump Set a Bad Example For Marriage & Divorce in America?

Most American presidents have been married and with almost no exceptions, they have remained so all their lives. A divorced American president is truly an oxymoron. There have been none in recent history.  True, Reagan was divorced. But this was an aberration.   Indeed, this characteristic of the American president as someone who is matrimonially stable throughout his life is so deeply imbedded in our national consciousness that it very well may have been the very reason that Hillary Clinton never divorced her wondering-eyed husband Bill Clinton after his umpteenth dalliance with Monica Lewinsky (and all the others)  in the Oval Office.
All that is water under the bridge and poor Monica never fully recovered but now that Hillary is running for president, Trump has had a penchant for criticizing her decision to stay with Bill. He said she had “enabled” Bill to take advantage of the women, he cheated on Hillary with. Maybe. But a more likely explanation is that the Clintons are victims of presidential norms and traditions. Presidents just don’t get divorced, no matter what happens.
This will change dramatically if Trump is elected president. He will turn those norms right on their heads. It would be quite alright for a president to divorce as many times as he wishes. Trump will redefine the rules on this issue as profoundly as his wife will define what the new political wife is and looks like.
How will this impact the average jill and joe in America? Well, for one thing, marriage will probably become more expendable. So this means that potentially the country will see a spike in the divorce rates with a corresponding spike in the marriage rate as well. Because let’s face it. Trump is as much a marrying man as he is a divorcing man. And he has shown his power to influence others given his performance in this election primary. So folks will start to imitate him. They will marry and divorce seemingly at the drop of a hat.