Conversation with Divorce Saloon Founder Marion TD Lewis

An excerpt on Youtube
Ms Goldstein: Lawyer X! You are Back!
Lawyer X: I never left! marion pic
Ms Goldstein: So what is new and exciting? How long has it been since you deigned to walk through our doorway?
Lawyer X: Not that long. I think less than a year.
Ms Goldstein: Oh, I don’t know about that. Last time we spoke you said you were on your way to Italy. Never heard from you after that. Did you bring any news?
Lawyer X: Well, things got a little bit sidetracked and so I had to 86 that project.
Ms Goldstein giggling: You are off your rocker, Lawyer X. When will you settle down and focus on the task on hand?
Lawyer X: That would be incredibly boring, wouldn’t it? Much more fun to keep moving and exploring and discovering.
Ms Goldstein: So what are you discovering these days?
Lawyer X: Well, jeeze. Writing. Photography. Food. All sorts of things.
Ms Goldstein: Food? You have been discovering food? What are you talking about? What discoveries have you made?
Lawyer X: Well, that I love food actually and that I like to cook and that food is great.
Ms Goldstein: But in the context of a divorce…
Lawyer X: Jeannie, not everything is in the context of a divorce. Live a little, will you? Life is amazing and multidimensional. We can have a lot of interest and not all of it has to go back to work related things. And, I mean, you know this. I think you know this. Divorce is not the end all and be all of my existence and hopefully it isn’t for anyone. People need to know there is so much more to life. Divorce is just a blip.
Ms Goldstein: So do you want to talk a little bit about your food exploits?
Lawyer X: How much time do you have?
Ms Goldstein: A lot. It has been quiet last few months. So not much going on. Even Huffpost Divorce has gone quiet. People are not so intrigued anymore with the whole thing. So hit me. Tell me about your food exploits.
Lawyer X: Well, I started a YouTube channel for my food. It is a bit of vlog and it’s called Sorcerer With a Copper Pot. I am chronicling my journey to learning how to cook. It is so much fun. I also have an Instagram page.
Ms Goldstein: The Instagram page looks amazing! Did you really cook all this stuff? Where do you get the time with everything else you are doing?
Lawyer X: You insult me Jeannie. Of course I cooked this stuff. It is so much fun. It is very fulfilling. And as for the time, I find a way to fit it in. True, it is very time consuming and sometimes I get impatient. But for the most part, it is a fun part of my day. It is the best part, actually.
Ms Goldstein: Sounds like you have found your calling. Does that mean this is the very end? Will we ever see you again over here at DS?
Lawyer X: Of course you will. I am here, aren’t I? I leave and I always come back. Don’t I? I never go away forever. And its fine because you are here to hold up the sail. Right? You keep things going.
Ms Goldstein giggling: Well, I am not so sure about that…Tell me something: How is your blog about Donald Trump and the presidential elections going?
Lawyer X: What blog with Donald Trump and the presidential elections?
Ms Goldstein: Lawyer X everybody knows you are the one blogging over at Trumped.
Lawyer X giggling: No I am not. This is a pseudonym.
Ms Goldstein: OK. Whatever. But how is it going?
Lawyer X. Everything is great. Life is beautiful. I have no other comments, Jeannie. Shall we wrap?
Ms Goldstein. It’s a wrap.
Lawyer X is a NYS licensed attorney who founded Divorce Saloon in 2006. She is also a food blogger, photographer, designer and gourmande. For more from our founder, visit her Instagram and YouTube channel. And Ms Lewis requests that you subscribe to both. An excerpt of our chat is here on YouTube.