10 Women Divorce SuperLawyers For Women Litigants in New York & California

So, with Hillary Clinton highlighting “women’s rights” in her 2016 presidential campaign, I thought it would be interesting to highlight a few “rising stars” (according to Superlawyers.com) in the divorce bars in New York and California. The 10 women appear in no particular order:
As seen on Superlawyers.com:

  1. Lucy Zheng (Location: California. Law School/University: Loyola Law School Los Angeles. Office: Law Offices of Lucy Zheng)
  2. Debra Vaniman Crawford (Location. California. Law School/University: Southwestern Law School. Office: Crawford & Crawford
  3. Jacqueline Newman (Location: New York. Law School/University: Cardoza Office: Bottger Newman & Rodd)
  4. Donna M Genovese (Location: New York. Law School/University: Quinnipiac University School of Law. Office: Goldschmidt & Genovese)
  5. Morghan Leia Richardson (Location: New York. Law School/University: Tulane University. Office: Richardson Legal PLLC)
  6. Cynthia Cho (Location: California. Law School/University: University of San Francisco. Office: CC Law Group, A Professional Corporation)
  7. Lara P Ott (Location: New York. Law School/University: Syracuse College of Law. Office: Stein & Ott, LLP)
  8. Elaine Fraser (Location: New York. Law School: University of San Francisco School of Law. Office: Harris & Fraser)
  9. Lacey N Sanchez (Location: California. Law School/University: San Joaquin College of Law. Office: Lerandeau & Lerandeau)
  10. Lisa Zeiderman (Location. New York. Law School; Fordham University School of Law. Office. Miller, Zeiderman Wiederkehr & Schwarz LLP)