Is Attorney Laura Wasser Really "Hollywood's Complete Divorce Solution"?

Laura Wasser has represented a lot of big name Hollywood actors such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Garner and Stevie Wonder. She also repped Kim Kardashian and Melanie Griffith. Recently she was hired by Johnny Depp to represent him in his divorce from Amber Heard. It is not a bad roster of clients – if you can get the work. And she gets the work. Boy does she get the work. But is she really all that? did an article about her and called her “Hollywood’s Complete Divorce Solution.” High praise. She charges upwards of $750 per hour for a typical divorce situation and upfront gets a retainer of $25,000.¬† Her clients need a minimum net-worth in order to get a retainer agreement. Nice. Real nice. But is she really that good? Or is this just perception? What do you think? Does she get good reviews from her peers?