Is Vanessa Paradis Trying to Suck Johnny Depp Back into her orbit?

Vanity Fair ran an article recently in which French actress, singer and Chanel Spokeswoman Vanessa Paradis and her relationship with Johnny Depp was discussed. Apparently, Madame Paradis has weighed in on Johnny’s divorce from wife of 15 months Amber Heard. Vanessa wrote a letter which was published by several tabloids and news sources in which she claims that first of all, Johnny is very much and has always been “loved” by her; that Amber’s claims of domestic abuse are “outrageous” given that she, Madame Paradis lived with Mr Depp for 14 years and bore him 2 lovely children and never once had an altercation or domestic violence incidence; and that he “looks nothing like the man she lived with for 14 years.” The letter, according to the Vanity Fair piece read in part:

[Depp] is a sensitive, loving and loved person, and I believe with all my heart that these recent allegations being made are outrageous. In all these years I have known Johnny he has never been physically abusive with me and this looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.

This is very high praise and strong support for a man who left her in the lurch for another woman. It sounds like Ms Paradis is making a pitch to get Johnny back. Let’s face it¬† she has been rather pale and gaunt since he left her and picked up with Ms Heard and it has to be great news that the marriage went pear shaped. She believes that with strong support, she can get him back and this time she will force him to marry her since they never did tie the knot. Their children Jack and Lily Rose Depp probably also want to see their parents get back together. So Vanessa has enlisted their help too. Lilly Rose has also come out on Instagram in defense of her father.