Wife beating Lawyer Loses Custody After Wife Presents Baby's Blood Splattered onesie to court

This story was recently reported in the New York Post. Two lawyers who were once married are now divorced and the wife received full custody of their son after she provided the court proof of her husband’s physical abuse. The proof? A blood splattered onesie. Apparently when the baby was a few months old she was holding the baby and the husband apparently ripped her ear or something like that and she bled over the baby’s onesie. She kept this and showed it to the court.
And these folks were creme de la creme! The husband is a Columbia University Law School Graduate!
Writes the Post:

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper found “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Columbia University Law School grad Anthony Zappin assaulted his spouse, Claire Comfort, eight times, including when their child was just 15 days old.
A court-appointed forensic psychologist found that Zappin, 31, waged “intimate terrorism” against his 32-year-old wife, using a “scorched earth policy of abusive communications, actions, and litigation tactics designed to intimidate, humiliate and destroy” her.
Comfort, also an attorney, presented her son’s blood-splattered onesie as evidence at trial to prove one particularly chilling incident, when Zappin ripped his wife’s ear while she was holding her child.