Are Divorce Clients/Consumers Getting Too Demanding for Divorce Lawyers to handle?

Are you a divorce lawyer who has been practicing for at least ten years? If so, we would like to hear from you in answer to this question: Are divorce clients/consumers getting too demanding for divorce lawyers to handle? The reason we ask this is that we have noticed a trend not just in the divorce bar but generally speaking in the legal profession that clients seem to be demanding a bigger bang for their bucks than ever before. They appear to be more savvy and plugged in and we wonder whether it is a function of the Internet and technology that is causing the change or whether it is something else. And we also wonder how that is affecting the bottom line for attorneys. Are they losing more business? Gaining more business? Is the competition from other lawyers stiffer than ever? Does this tend to keep the attorneys on their toes and catering to every whim of their clients? Are clients taking advantage of the glut of other options? We would like to hear form lawyers on this issue. Please contact us at