If Hillary Had Divorced Bill in the 1990s Would She Have Made a Better Candidate today?

Hillary is on the cusp of being the first woman president of the United States but first she has to get past Donald Trump who has made no bones of the fact that he plans to fight an epic, dirty, merciless battle against the former First Lady. His chief strategy is to call her every derogatory name in the book and then to link her to every debauched deed her husband and former president Bill Clinton ever committed. And with the latter, there is plenty of material as far as the womanizing goes. This has been well documented. We all remember how devastated Hillary was by the whole thing, how visibly humiliated by her husband’s infidelity. But yet she stayed. She did not divorce him. Most of us as women applauded her for staying with him, especially around the time of his impeachment where a divorce filing would certainly have ended his political career in utter disgrace. In short, had she dumped him, the Republicans would have surely removed him from office because the momentum would have just blown up all around him and it would have been over. Hillary standing by him saved his arse.
But now, Trump is accusing Hillary of being an “”enabler.” He says that Bill Clinton is the biggest abuser of women and that Hillary was an “enabler.”
What do you think about this? Was she an enabler for staying? Should she have divorced him? If not, what should she have done to save herself this characterization as an “enabler” 20 years later? And moreover, do you think her chances of winning the presidency would have been greater today had she left her philandering husband to the will and mercy of Ken Starr and the GOP? Would she have more credibility? Especially with women? Because what message did she send by refusing to end this marriage when her husband so violated her trust and their wedding vows?