The #1 Secret to Staying Married Forever and Never Getting Divorced is…

Spending as little time as possible during the daytime with your spouse is the secret to a happy and lasting marriage says experts. It is okay to spend all night with your spouse recapping the days event. But spend as little time as possible together during the day. Research has shown that the couple that spends a healthy amount of time apart during the day lasts a lot longer than the couple that spends 24/7 together staring into each other’s pupils. Why this is so, is unclear. It could be boredom. The more time you spend together, the greater the likelihood you could get bored with each other and the greater the likelihood you ill end up building up contempt for each other which ultimately leads to divorce. In other words, it is fatal to a marriage to get too familiar to your spouse. Once all the mystery is gone, so goes all the excitement and then the marriage is caput.
So, do not work together with your spouse. Have a different job. Work in a different place. Even if you both work at home, keep a different schedule so that you can be separated for a significant portion of the day and have different experience which you can discuss later when you return home. Do not use the bathroom together. Do not spend too much time in the nude when you are together. Try to remain mysterious with regard to stuff like belches, farts and diarrhea.
The bottom line is, the less physical time you spend with your spouse, the fresher you will be to him or her and the longer your relationship will turn out to be.