Is Brad Pitt Cheating on Angelina with Marion Cotillard?

Rumors are flying furiously that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are on the verge of a divorce after only two years of marriage. The couple who dated and lived together while parenting six children for 10 years, are said to be suffering from ennui as well as all sorts of life problems including Angelina’s health issues. Angelina has admitted that she is in menopause – a decade early – because she has had to have a hysterectomy as a hedge against ovarian cancer. She is apparently genetically predisposed to the disease as both her mother and aunt died young from the disease. She is also frightfully thin and a far cry from the sex pot she was when she seduced Mr Pitt 12 years ago on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. He at the time was married to the lovely Jennifer Aniston who has since remarried a hottie named Justin Thoreau(?).
The rumors are that Angelina is having a lot of jealous fits over women with whom Brad works and shares kisses including the french actress Ms Cotillard. It seems like déjà vu to her because when he was married to Jennifer and they worked together and shared work kisses, she knew it was not an act and she knows what can happen when Brad shares kisses with other women than his wife, even it is just in the context of the film.
Are these rumors true? Can they be believed? Who knows. The one thing that is sure is that studies show that men tend not to find sick wives very appealing and attractive. Sickness tends to lead to divorce for men. They just bolt. Not so with women who tend to stay and nurture and care for their husbands till he gets better or maybe, sadly, dies. Men cannot, by and large, handle a sick wife. They can only handle a young, nubile, healthy and vibrant woman in their arms and bed.
Even if Angelina is not sick with cancer or something serious like that (and I hope she is not for her sake) she definitely does not look young, sexy and nubile anymore. She looks very unhealthy in fact and this cannot be attractive to Brad who has always had a penchant for the next hottest girl he can find.
If he does divorce Angelina, I am willing to bet he will start dating Gwyneth Paltrow again. Conveniently, she has consciously uncoupled from her husband Chris. She is older than Angelina. As is Jennifer Aniston. But ironically, both Gwyneth and Jennifer look infinitely younger and healthier than Angelina.  It is almost as if this relationship with Brad sucked the very life out of the poor girl. Or maybe it is just karma?