The Preposterous Rumor About Kim Kardashian's Billion Dollar Divorce

The Rumor that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have a “billion dollar divorce” is totally preposterous. And why? Because neither of those two have anywhere close to a billion dollars in their coffers. For heaven’s sakes just a few months ago Kanye was begging Mark Zuckerberg for money. He literally was so distraught that he got on social media and told everybody that he was having financial problems. Kim on the other hand is a reality tv star who has a few coins at her disposal but it is nowhere near a billion dollars. It is not even half a billion. Or a quarter of a billion. So how can they possibly have a “billion dollar” divorce. The whole thing is just stupid. The whole idea. The whole concept. Stupid. Moreover, you really think those two will ever divorce? Can’t you see that marriage is a match made in heaven?