Income from Cancer Centers at Center of 7 year Chicago couple's Divorce

Chicago millionaires Richard and Alicia Stephenson have been trying to divorce each other for 7 years but cannot agree on equitable distribution that includes income from various cancer treatment centers which were created and operated by Mr Stephenson prior to marriage to the 26 year old Alicia who was a model at the time. It is a little bit icky to think how the money came about but I guess even Cancer can be an asset and a resource and a source of income.
Alicia is now a woman in her fifties and her husband is in his mid seventies. They are fighting over their assets even though they had signed a prenuptial agreement which pretty much gave Alicia a modest monthly allowance and a rented house. Alicia is still smarting from this modest if not insulting deal and the divorce has been described as “epic” having had many twists, turns, appeals and contempt motions along the way. They are officially divorced now except for the distribution of assets. The judge in the case has set a trial date for the fall.
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