Is the Whole Concept of "Spousal Support" passé?

I read this story about David Mann, a British mining tycoon who went broke trying to support his wife and two daughters post divorce for over 15 years and I just wondered whether at some point, the divorce laws are enabling former spouses to under-achieve while at the same time to become almost parasitic against their ex.
The notion that your spouse is financially “responsible” for you seems rather passé at this point in time. If a husband and wife are both able-bodied, the law should be that they are responsible for their own financial selves. They should find work and contribute to society and lay off their ex and stop feeling entitled to suck the life out of their former spouse just because this person once loved them enough to get married to them. Seriously. If the spouses worked and earned together, yes, they should split the existing assets of the marriage. But after that, I think this notion of “spousal support” to a perfectly able-bodied spouse needs to end. It’s ridiculous and often it is unfair. Each of us is responsible for our own wellbeing and our own finances – even if we are female. Enough is enough. If a person chooses not to work during a marriage for whatever reason, that is a risk they take. Man or woman. The same thing. And fine with me. But if the marriage ends, they face the consequences if they have no job skills. It is not the fault of their spouse. Their spouse is not their parent and should not be made to provide support for such a long time as David Mann did. The man ended up sick with cancer and with five pounds on the bank trying to support his ex wife. Where is the justice? He is not her father. They married. It is over. She is 48 years old. She needs to find a job. This is what I think. Excuse me if it is harsh. But this spousal support thing is really reached the point of ridiculous. And not just in England. Everywhere.