RIP Mohammed Ali. Will his 4 Wives Fight for His Legacy?

Mohammed Ali has passed on. RIP. He has left quite a legacy behind. And quite a bit of wealth as well as numerous children. Mr Ali was married 4 times and divorced 3 times according to a recent article in the New York Post. So yes, he was a bit of a “divorcing man.” His four wives are:

Sonji Roi
Belinda Boyd (Khalila Ali)
Veronica Porsche
Yolanda Lonnie Williams

Each of these provided him with biological or adopted children except perhaps for the first wife who he divorced in the 1960s. And there is apparently a lot of family strife. Even before he died one of his children alleged that his current wife had made him change the will and that they would not “get anything” when he died.
First of all, that was interesting how this family member was already doing the calculus before the guy even died. Why wait for his death to see what you get? Why not be there in his life celebrating with no ulterior motive? I find that people are always just holding their breaths waiting for wealthy relatives to die just so they can “see how much they get.” This is not your money! You do not have the right (and really in general people have a lot of temerity in these circumstances) to sit there waiting to see what you get of someone’s money!
Who should get Mohammed Ali’s money?
I guess Ali made that decision during his life and if it is anyone’s business, we shall find out. But usually the spouse would receive at least a 3rd in most states as you cannot disinherit a spouse. So the current wife will get at least one third. If not 100 percent. Although, certainly, he did provide for his children. By right, he probably should have. I guess.