Is Huffpost Divorce Still the authority on Divorce? And How Can Writers Get Published on there?

In 2010 when Huffpost exploded on the Divorce scene, I have to admit that I was a little bit worried that they would suck all the oxygen out of the air for the rest of us. Did that happen? Well, it has dominated a huge expanse of the industry, hasn’t it. But is it the “authority” on divorce? We were debating that the other day. There is no consensus.¬† It still is a big draw for a lot of writers in the industry including divorce lawyers, divorce sufferers and other experts. But how big a draw depends on who you talk to.
Be that as it may, many writers still dream of getting their divorce story on Huffington Post and a few lucky ones have actually realized the dream even though it took them years.
Are you one of those writers who want to get your divorce story, news or idea on Huffingto Post? I found this article out there that might give you some ideas of how to do it. All of the people profiled had a dream of getting their names out there – and Huffington Post seems a good place to start.
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