UK: Christina Estrada, Ex Model, Makes Outrageous Demands from Saudi Billionaire Ex hubby

Billionaires live differently. But seriously? 4000 £ per year for sunglasses?! How does anybody ask for something like this with a straight face? Seriously? The ex wife of Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali has made these extra ordinary demands! The UK Guardian:

In her bitter split from her Saudi oil baron ex-husband Walid Juffali, 61, the 54-year-old model is demanding a quarter of a billion pounds to keep up her luxury lifestyle of private jets, designer clothing and mansions.
Ms Estrada, who appeared in court in a white designer dress, made “excessive and exaggerated” claims that she needs more than £250million for her personal costs, her husband’s lawyer said on Friday.
This would cover her £1.02million yearly clothing and jewellery budget, including £40,000 for a yearly purchase of a new fur coat, £109,000 annually for seven haute couture dresses and £4,000 for 15 pairs of sunglasses every year.
It would also cover her £2.1million annual travel budget that includes flying in a private jet costing £3,700-an-hour.

It is a little bit excessive, I think even if your husband (and her husband, who allegedly inherited most of his billions is suffering from stage 4 cancer and is getting treatment in Zurich) is a billionaire and even if he secretly married another woman while you were still married to him (this is unforgivable, btw). No one needs 4000 pounds per year for sunglasses. This is embarrassing. She should recant.