What Divorce? Angelina Jolie Launches KIND & Takes a Professor Gig

Angelina Jolie, Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, has been the subject of a lot of divorce speculation recently. The stick thin mother of 6, and wife of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt (ex husband of Jennifer Aniston) has had to endure story after story of how Brad is cheating on her with actresses including French bombshell Lawyer X Cottilard(?).  It probably isn’t even true. The Jolie Pitts appear to be weathering the storm by staying busy. Brad, for example, has reportedly just bought a luxury villa in Spain. And Angelina has been doing a lot of charity work. She recently launched, for example, an organization called KIND which is an acronym for “Children in Need of Defence.” The organization has a US chapter which was founded by Jolie Pitt and the Microsoft  corporation and by all accounts has been very successful in training tens of thousands of commercial lawyers to represent migrant children with immigration problems.
Mrs Pitt who never officially graduated by NYU where she attended university in the 1990s is also slated to teach a class this fall at the London School of Economics as an adjunct professor.
So if the rumors about her and Brad getting divorced are true,  It is unlikely that this will have a great impact on Angelina since she will be so busy handling her incredibly full schedule.