LIFE: Need a Divorce Concierge? Call Betsy Cox

There is this new breed of divorce professional in town. It is called the DIVORCE CONCIERGE. Ever heard of these professionals who help people get back on their feet after a divorce? There duties can be anything from helping you sell a house you got as a divorce settlement to helping you find a date, booking you on a dream holiday, getting your children entrance into exclusive nightclubs in Manhattan and Gstaad. I just read this interesting piece in the New York Times about a concierge named Betsy Cox. She charges folks 350 dollars per hour to be their divorce concierge. So it is a pricey service and obviously only appropriate for the rich, snooty set. But if you have it like that, why not get one? It is bragging rights, sort of the same way you would brag about being able to afford the latest I-phone at market price even if you just bought the one before last six months ago.