Could Melania Divorce Trump Prior to November?

What if Donald Trump’s wife Melania, for some reason, asked for a divorce before the elections in Novvember? How would that impact his campaign if at all? Obviously it would be a media feeding frenzy but do you think it would have any impact on voters? I don’t think so personally because she keeps a very low profile in this campaign. She is not a factor. He is not going to win because of her. She is an add on. His kids are more a part of the campaign than she is, it seems. So if she asks for a divorce, he probably would just have his daughter Ivanka Kushner stand in where a woman is needed, for example as First Lady on foreign visits and stuff like that. And his dating exploits while in office would be par for the course (what does this even mean??). Again, unprecedented just like everything else about this candidate and about this person.
Obviously, though, this “what if” is totally preposterous. Melania is one of the happiest wives in Manhattan and she would not give up the chance to be First Lady for anything in the world. They probably even have renegotiated their prenup (now it is a post nup) to say that if the marriage lasts another 4 years, she gets another 8 million dollars. Or more. She is definitely staying.
Don’t you agree?