Oprah Winfrey & Gayle King: The Girlfriend Divorce Chronicles Hits the Small Screen!

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are not as lovey Dovey as they seem. There is trouble in paradise with Gayle’s rising star and Oprah’s diminishing.¬† Oprah would never and could never admit to being jealous of Gayle’s success. It is the very last thing she wants. She does not want to feel this horrible emotion. She loves Gayle. But she is terribly jealous of Gayle’s success. It is quite illogical. But on the other hand, Gayle also relishes her newfound fame and industry creds/respect she gets from her anchor job on CBS. And good for her. But there is a little side of her that relishes being on top of Oprah right now. It is not that she does not love Oprah. It is that their relationship, like a long term marriage, had a certain dynamic. And it worked for them. Now this dynamic has been flipped on its head and both of them are having trouble fitting into the new roles. This does not augur well for the longevity of this “marriage.”
They are heading for a painful split. And it may not be all that amicable.
Do you think they have any agreements in writing? Any gag orders? Prohibitions against writing tell all books? Stuff like that? If not, Oprah’s goose is probably cooked. She should have anticipated things could end badly and made provisions while she was still on top. She will lost big in this “friendship divorce.”