Do you need a "divorce loan"?


divorce loan
Do you need a divorce loan to maintain your standard of living while the divorce is pending?

When you are going through divorce and you are not the spouse with the money, you often need a little bit of financial assistance to tide you over. Many people take out a divorce loan to get them through the rough patches.
The expectation is that there will be a big divorce financial settlement and the borrower will make good on that divorce loan in a short period of time.
Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way.¬† A lot of people in high asset marriages go through a lengthy divorce process including a trial, probably get a huge judgment, and then cannot collect on a dime because the spouse with the money pulls an improbably shenanigan or two and claim to be “broke.” So not only is the spouse with the divorce loan on the hook to pay back the loan, but they also have no income, assets, or financial assistance from their rich, monied former spouse.
Be that as it may, a lot of banks still offer divorce loans and if you want a divorce loan you can usually get one if you fit certain criteria.
Novitas US is a UK Company with branches in the US and Canada. They help finance divorce and lifestyle issues of the affluent set. At high interest rates but a service well worth it to many happy clients. About the company as per their website:

Novitas US Inc. is a specialist finance provider for individuals in the divorce process. Operating across the US, we provide innovative and cost effective finance solutions for lawyers and their clients.

These divorce funding solutions are specifically designed to improve law firm cash-flow and provide individuals with access to legal services.
Novitas solves the cash-flow challenge by providing divorce financing to clients for legal fees, expert costs and personal expenses.

So if you need an infusion into your bank account on account of the fact that you are going through a divorce and you are the spouse who does not hold the purse strings, you might check out this company. Obviously we do not recommend any particular company and are not affiliated with this company. We are simply providing information and accept no responsibilities for your personal choices and decisions.
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