PANAMA: Were Your Client's Financial Interests Compromised by Mossack Fonseca?

Since the unveiling of the PANAMA PAPERS, divorce lawyers around the world whose clients have accused their spouse of hiding assets in offshore dummy trusts and corporations, have been employing more aggressive strategies to protect their clients financial interests.
This report offers new insights into the lengths very affluent spouses will go to hide assets and put marital property out of reach of their other half. Mostly, it is the men who do this to the wives but this is not always the case. Sometimes, there has been the odd wife who has outsmarted her husband.
What is a divorce lawyer to do when he or she is faced with a client whose spouse has pulled off one of these madoffesque feat with marital assets? It is hard to say. For one thing, if the wife does not have access to a bankroller, it may be all but impossible to track down all these assets which are often dispersed not only in places like Panama but in Singapore, the Virgin Islands, Switzerland and other places around the world.
Clearly the services of assets locators will be paramount. But the best defense is an informed client who at least knows where to tell you to begin looking.