Hey Divorce lawyers! Need more business? Throw a party for your past clients!

So I was reading Family Law Magazine and there was this one article about marketing for Family lawyers. One of the tips was for lawyers to throw a party for former clients to show appreciation for their business and to make it kid friendly if possible so the clients could bring their kids.
So you can throw party at the office but you can also have a barbecue at your home in the backyard (could have its risks) or at the local park, at a hotel, a public space or wherever.
The key is not to make it too complicated so that you can spend quality time chatting up clients and hopefully succeed at not only showing how much you appreciated their business but also drum up new business as well. Obviously you will not get new business from every attendee but depending on the situation, even one new client out of the event could be worthwhile.
And no, it does not make you a bad person to have an ulterior motive to your act of appreciation. It just makes you business savvy.
So do it. Throw a summer appreciation party for your former clients. Do it within the next couple of weeks!