Infidelity is Natural So Stop Hating Your Spouse for Cheating


Infidelity may be a natural occurrence after all. It is natural and human to desire more than one person in any given lifetime. Monogomy is not only boring it is totally unrealistic and unnatural for many. Human species like other animal species are social creatures. They have eyes and they have five senses which connects them and keeps them connected to others around them in their line of vision and in their environment. Attraction is as natural as sight. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to more than one person at any given time even if you are married.

Is infidelity natural? Should you cut your spouse some slack for cheating?

The problem is the marriage contract which is no insignificant thing. Cheating is a breach of that contract, this is true. But one could argue that the contract itself is unenforceable on this point because infidelity is natural. So this term in the contract is void ab inito.¬† Being monogomous just is not what was intended for the human species to be. I am being devil’s advocate here, of course.
But do you agree?