NICE, FRANCE: Truck Driver Who Killed 84 in Rampage Was Involved in Bitter Divorce

As news trickles in about the carnage in Nice, France, more information about the driver of the truck emerges. It seems he is of Tunisian origin and had a long stay visa in France. He had no known ties to any terrorist networks, was not known to visit local mosques in the area, and was not on any french or international terrorist watch lists.  He had had a few runs in with the law including for road rage and petty theft.
According to a report in the Guardian, his father has been interviewed back in Tunisia and he has said that his son suffered from, and was getting treatment for, depression.
The name of this individual, the perpetrator,¬†is Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. He was 31 year old and he had 3 kids and an ex wife. The reports in his neighbhorhood are that the divorce was a “bitter” affair and he was deeply angry about that.
His wife was reportedly taken into custody by french police even though the parties had been divorced for some time prior to Mr Bouhlel launching his deadly vehicular attack.