Divorce Diary of Amber Heard: Did I do the wrong thing?

This is a fictitious entry into Amber Heard’s Divorce Journal
Dear Diary,
I am very beautiful! I am the most beautiful woman in the world!  Do you think that is why Johnny beat me? Was I too pretty for my own good? I am distraught about this divorce. Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing by exposing him. He changed his tattoo to SCUM. Do you think it is to get at me? Is he talking to me?
I went to church and I basically collapsed. The stain of this thing is too much to bear. Then my agent called and asked if I’d heard the good news. I am the most beautiful woman in the world, confirmed by a formula devised by the ancient Greeks? Can you believe it? Read this: “Amber Heard’s face was found to be 91.85 per cent accurate to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – which for thousands of years was thought to hold the secret formula of perfection.”
I am perfect!
It made me weep. I wept and wept for myself because I don’t understand why Johnny didn’t appreciate this. My beauty is something that you would think he would want to protect. But if I stayed with him, I was afraid he would ruin my face and the rest of my body frankly so that is why I ran.
I feel so guilty and so conflicted. Because I really really loved my husband but he changed. And he is unpredictable and I am afraid.
I am trying to settle this case as quickly as possible but of course when it comes to money, everything is very complicated.