Are Donald & Melania Trump Happy? Or Are they heading for Divorce?

Donald and Melania Trump do not seem to have an overly affectionate, lovey Dovey, warm relationship, do they? It could just be a perception and of course it is never good to speculate about people’s marriages because nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors. But Trump’s interaction with his wife just seems to totally lack warmth! This is in stark contrast to his relationship with his chidren especially his daughter Ivanka where he displays real and open warmth even though they may be in public. With Melania he does seem a bit more reserved and she with him. They barely have ever exchanged a peck on the lips and even the way they stand on stage – the body language – there is a distance, a chasm. It is not normal. Even in public, there is a natural rapport and closeness and warmth between a couple that cannot be faked. It is either there or it is not. And it is not there with Donald and Melania Trump. They do not appear to be a couple in love.
Does this mean they are going to get divorced soon? Or is this just business as usual for them?