Ivanka Trump's Marriage to Jared Kushner Seems Solid. But is it?

There is a palpable natural warmth between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, her husband of less than a decade. By all accounts, this is a happy situation. As of this writing, both Ivanka and her husband Jared are heavily involved in her father’s run for the presidency of the United States. Jared is an advisor to Mr Trump and Ivanka is his trusted confidante.
The poised and gracious Mrs Trump-Kushner converted to conservative Judaism in order to wed Mr Kushner who is a conservative Jew. And they share three lovely “Jewish” children.
Throughout the presidential campaign of her father, however, charges of anti-Semitism have been levelled against the Trumps. For example, Donald Trump once retweeted an image of Hillary Clinton lying on a pile of dollar bills with a “star of david” encrusted at the top. He has also allegedly joked about having “Jewish grandchildren,” and once when a journalist wrote an unflattering profile of Mr Trump’s wife Melania and was subsequently trolled on social media with anti Semitic taunts, reports are that the Trumps responded that “he had provoked it.” This reaction by the Trump’s ignited fresh charges of anti Semitism.
Within the family of Mr Kushner, there seems to be no love lost either for him, or for the Trumps. Several members of the Kushner clan have gone on social media to express disdain for Jared for and for the Trumps in general.
What does this have to do with Ivanka and Jared’s happy marriage and home? Maybe nothing. But there is a risk of a rupture down the road if Trump loses this election and the family is forced to focus more inwardly. “This abrupt change of focus is going to be risky for their marriage,” says a marriage counselor speaking on condition of anonymity. “It will expose flaws that they have no time to focus on during the whirlwind of this presidential campaign. There are serious differences. Even though Ivanka converted to Judaism, she is first and foremost Donald Trump’s daughter. And he is not Jewish. Things he has said about Jews whether expressly or impliedly could definitely come back to haunt Ivanka and Jared in a few months or even years. We have not heard the end of their story yet.”