Do Airline Pilots Get a Bad Deal in Divorce and Family Court?

17088781466_c3980b00ee_zAirline pilots have a higher rate of divorce than most people. It is unclear why this is but the constant and prolonged absences from the marital home seems to lead to trouble. For one thing, the wives left back at home (pilots are still predominantly male) tend to get used to hubby being gone. For another thing, being left to his own devices in various exotic locations with overly attractive air stewardesses and local babes (or just simply a laptop where he can browse online dating sites) seems to be too much temptation for the average man to circumnavigate.
So the marriages tend to crack up most often than not.
The question posed in this post is whether the subsequent divorce filing and litigation is unfairly skewed in favor of the wife and left-at-home parent? It seems that in many cases it might be because of the erratic schedule of many pilots. This does not bode well for child rearing and child care. What if the child has an emergency and has to be rushed to the hospital? What about school and extra curricular activities? What about play dates? This can be difficult to manage when a man is airborne trying to safely pilot a Boeing 757 with 350 passengers on board from point A to point B.
It would seem though, that the courts would be duty-bound to factor the pilot’s schedule into its decision so as to allow the pilot to continue to help parent the child (co-parenting) and to do so without jeopardizing his or her economic situation. So the pilot could start by trying to get a specific schedule from his airline that would enable him to know for certain when he would be working and when he would be available for parenting duties.
As far as other aspects of the divorce that involve proving “fault” for example, luckily most people just go for an “uncontested no fault” divorce. If fault is an issue, then obviously it behooves the pilote to exercise caution with his online activities and discretion with his personal dating life during the divorce procedure. No flauting of the relationship till everything is settled. No text messages that are inappropriate, no paper trail to the illicit and nothing on the computer hard or social media that can be taken to the court to prove malfeasance.
Marriage seems to be hard for pilots. It is inexplicable why they don’t all marry flight attendants who work for their own airlines and fly on their own planes.
foto credit Flickr creative commons