Should you divorce a husband who wants to circumcize your son?

Male circumcision is sometimes in issue among parents – especially those couples of divergent religious faiths and persuasions and this leads to serious conflict in a marriage. Indeed, in some cases it leads to divorce. A recent case in England highlights the issue where a British woman and her Turkish husband parted ways because he insisted on having their young sons circumcised.
This definitely can lead to conflicts in terms of child rearing post divorce. In the case above the British court ruled that the decision whether to get circumcised would be left to the child. In other words it is the child who would make the decision when he is older. But when a couple divorces and shares custody of a child (sometimes international custody) there is a concern that a parent who believes in male circumcision could achieve it without the other parent being able to stop the situation from occurring and once it is done, there hardly would be anything that the court or anyone else would do.
What can parents do to make sure that an unwanted, unauthorized circumcision does not occur? It is hard to say. Short of kidnapping the child and taking him or her to a place that the other parent can’t find you and cutting off all contact, there probably is no way to control for this completely. And it is not really the biggest tragedy that could happen to a boy. Many males are circumcised in many cultures and have been for generations and they are perfectly fine. Some even believe it to me a healthier alternative and to “protect against sexually transmitted diseases.” But clearly others believe it is barbaric and not without medical risks for the boy. One way to protect oneself might be to enter into a contractual agreement before even having children with a person of a different religious persuasion. If the person is not willing to agree to this, maybe it is better not to procreate with this person.