Teens: When one parent's overly critical attitude towards the child leads to divorce

7637004164_95736e27ac_zTeens are a handful to deal with, everybody knows this. For some parents, the pressure to have high achieving kids is great and they overcompensate for their own anxieties by flooding the child or children with an overabundance of criticism. This can cause great anxiety and if the strategy is not one shared by both parents, it can lead to divorce ostensibly. Why? Because it is a question of sensitivity. One parent could realize that a child who is under constant pressure is vulnerable to all sorts of evils including suicide, self mutilation, drug use, academic failure and social withdrawal. This is not, obviously not, in the child’s interest. But the critical parent may feel pressured to¬†produce high achieving children or may have some type of personality trait that demands from others that which is unachievable. A scenario like this, it should not shock anyone, could lead to divorce when parents have such a fundamental disagreement of how to parent their child or children.