ZURICH: Saudi Businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali has died but ex wife Christina Estrada will still get her £75M

Ex supermodel and ex wife of Saudi billionaire Sheikh Walid Juffali, American born Christina Estrada will still get her £75M divorce settlement even though her husband had died of cancer in Zurich. But it could take a minute. According to the UK Guadian “High Court Family Division judge Mrs Justice Roberts had ordered Dr Juffali to pay Ms Estrada the lump sum by 4pm on Friday, July 29, however this could now be subject to a delay while his affairs are put in order.”
Mr Juffali had claimed that he is not worth the billions his former wife claims he is worth. Indeed, he has said he is only worth a few hundred thousand pounds. Now that he is dead his estate will have to sort out the remnants. What if he was telling the truth about his networth? Clearly if he is only worth a few hundred million, paying Ms Estrada plus all the estate taxes, plus providing for his other children with his current spouse will be difficult if not impossible. Is it possible therefore that she will be dragged back to court by his estate lawyers to modify the settlement order? Or will it just be a situation where there is the judgment but it remains uncollected for the duration?
It is interesting because the sum Ms Estrada is due is being tooted as a huge settlement. But when you  consider that an apartment in New York just listed for three million less (for $72,000,000 to be exact) you realize it is not really a lot of money. I mean, she would NOT be able to buy this apartment which is nice, but hardly the poshest of the posh. When put in perspective like that one begins to realize the chasm between the haves and the have nots in the world.