Diary of Amber Heard: No, Johnny Depp, I am not in love with Elon Musk

This is a fictitious entry
Dear Diary,
I am so confused. So much is happening so fast. Well, some things are fast and other things not so much. Johnny is being a...I don't even want to say it. I don't want to be unladylike. But he is not being nice and he is not playing fair and he is trying to stall this divorce for his own selfish reasons.
He thinks that I am in love with Elon Musk and he thinks I am going to marry Elon and so he is trying to stall the divorce and he won't respond to requests by my lawyer to give us paperwork on his finances. He says he wants me to sign to say I will not disclose them. I don't have to sign. My lawyer says that he has to hand over the paperwork.
He is only doing this because he is jealous. He is jealous because I have been hanging out with Elon. Elon and me, we have been friends for years. We are not in love. This is so not true. The media just heard this story about how Elon and me are in love and the other day we happened to be in the same hotel in Florida and so its this whole big thing. But NOTHING happened! We are just friends! He is like a brother to me! I can't even imagine kissing this guy! I mean, I love to hang out with him but that's all. I swear!
All I want is for this divorce to be wrapped up so I can move on with my life. I don't need this headache and this open problem hanging over my head. I want to move on and I wish Johnny the best. I don't even care if he goes back with his ex. I don't even care.