LONDON: Pilot who refused to vacate marital residence so it can be sold faces jail time

A British pilot is facing jail time for failure to vacate the marital home after his divorce so that it can be sold and so that his wife can get her share. According to the Telegraph UK:

A helicopter pilot who barricaded himself in the home he lost in his £6m divorce will be jailed if he does not get out of the property by next week.
Peter Elliott, 49, has fought a four-year battle with his ex-wife, Leonie Butler, 45, over his £500,000 farm in Cumbria.
Despite a judge’s order that he get out so it can be sold, he refuses to leave, has put barbed wire around it and allegedly thrown rocks at bailiffs.
Confirming a six-month prison sentence, due to start next Thursday if he doesn’t get out, Lady Justice Macur said Mr Elliott was clearly in contempt of court.

It is a little bit heart breaking because this man is clearly attached to what has been his home for many years and it is sad that a divorce has caused him this kind of trauma. His lawyer claims he is mentally unstable. But nevertheless, I don’t think people realize the trauma some divorcing people feel of having to give up their home against their will. In this case, Mr Elliot has threatened suicide and it is not unheard of that some of these cases come down to that. Hopefully there is insurance on the home in case he decides to burn it to the ground.