The Divorce Lawyer Toolkit Part 1: Your Website "Contact Us" Should be backed up by an email address

Are you a divorce lawyer? Do you have a website for your firm? If so, do you have your email on the site or only a generic “contact us” box? I am here to tell you that if you do not have an email address as well as a contact us box on your website, you are losing a lot of clients to your competitors. Not every client is comfortable or patient enough with filling out the contact us box. Some want to take down your email and maybe contact you at a different time. But for too many divorce attorneys, there is no email address on the website. The conventional wisdom seems to be that if they put their email address they will get flooded with spam and that only serious clients will take the time to fill in the box. Maybe. But I am here to tell you that in the midst of all that potential spam, you could be losing well paying customers as well. Many see the box as not being very “private” and if they are high¬†networth clients in particular, or “celebrities,” they are unlikely to leave their business in that box. Or they could be just old fashioned and prefer to send a regular email than filling out the box.
What does this mean? According to some experts, not having the address on the website could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars over time in lost revenues.
If I could give all divorce lawyers some friendly advice it would be to have both an email address and the contact us box on their website. And the email does not have to be their personal email. It could be to a generic address like