Divorce Saloon's Editor in Chief Marion TD Lewis Discusses her Book, A Girl Named Sandy

Lawyer X T.D. Lewis, Esq., LL.M
J Goldstein: Hi Lawyer X
Lawyer X: Hey!
J Goldstein: So you are here today to talk about your latest book –
Lawyer X: Well it is not my latest, exactly. I have the latest which should be out any day now. This is the second to the latest.
J Goldstein: Oh. So, ok, so this one is called A Girl Named Sandy, right? This one is the second to the latest?sandra bland book cover
Lawyer X: Exactly.
J Goldstein: Ok. So…what is…is this one about divorce? My understanding is that it is not.
Lawyer X: Exactly. It’s not.
J Goldstein: Ok. So what is this one about, Lawyer X?
Lawyer X: Well, it’s based on, I published it earlier this year, 2016. I write about a lot of different topics as you know. Not just divorce. My latest book which will come out soon is about divorce. That one is called The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit. And there is another one in the pipeline for people getting divorced. So I do write a lot about divorce topics, Jeannie –
Jeannie: I know, Lawyer X. I know! You have a hundred books in the pipelines for heaven’s sakes. I only asked because –
Lawyer X:  But sometimes I write about other topics that interest me as a human person not just divorce and –
Jeannie: Well you wrote a lot of books about Donald Trump –
Lawyer X: well, yea. And, but this one, A Girl Named Sandy is that kind of book. It is a human interest book. It is based on the death of Sandra Bland, the young lady who died in police custody in Texas last year.
Jeannie: OK. Tell us more. I am sorry if I sounded like I was –
Lawyer X: No not at all. Jeannie, stop it, it’s fine. OK? Let’s do this. Let’s talk about the book. So, well, as you know I have been traveling quite a bit and I have not lived in the US for a while but I do keep close tabs on what is going on back home to the extent I can even while I am away and I heard about this story last year about this young woman in Texas, driving and was pulled over by the police, a routine stop that just turned deadly. And I was so shocked and appalled by the whole thing, so heartbroken. I cried so much. And I felt like I had to do something, that I could not just remain silent and so I couldn’t think of anything I could do then I decided that I would write a book.
Jeannie: OK. Tell us more. What did you say in the book?
Lawyer X: Well, I don’t want to give away the entire book because I would like people to read it for themselves but I tried to focus the narrative not just on this black woman who was killed in custody but on the idea that we are all Americans. Well first that we are all human persons. In the world, in the country and that everyone – both private citizens and law enforcement – are subject to the law. And I spoke about the legal implications if you will about her death from an international law perspective.
Jeannie: Well, I see that it is a very small, compact book. Only 72 pages.
Lawyer X: Yes, and that is with extra large print double spaced. It’s a quick read. But I did that on purpose because I wanted to make the point that in the US we are subject both to our national laws and to international law when it comes to human rights and law enforcement and there are all these treaties like the UN Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which we are signatories as a nation –
Jeannie: Why did you feel compelled to write this book, Lawyer X? It seems that this woman’s death really had a profound effect on you.
Lawyer X: I don’t know what it was, Jeannie. It was like this eureka moment, you know. I don’t know what it was. As I said in the book, maybe she reminded me of someone I knew, but it was the first time really, after so many similar tragedies involving the criminal justice system in the US and certain communities, that I felt that I could no longer remain silent. To me, that made me a part of the problem. I don’t think writing a book solves anything but at least, I feel like I did something for my world by putting forward a point of view of why, every human person, and every citizen of this country and of this planet Earth, should care about these types of stories and should try to do something to make these types of tragedies a thing of the past.
Jeannie: Well then, great, Lawyer X. Thank you. And so where can people buy the book?
Lawyer X: on Amazon, of course. You should link to my page, why don’t you?
Jeannie: I definitely will. And so when will you stop by to chat about the latest book?
Lawyer X: Very soon. As soon as I have notification that it is available on Amazon.
Jeannie: Lawyer X, you really are an inspiration. Thanks for coming by. It is always good to see you whenever we can.
Lawyer X: Jeannie, it is great to be here and to see you too. We will see each other again soon, don’t worry. I will here for a little bit.
Jeannie: Great. Cause I do need some help troubleshooting some of the issues we are having here.
Lawyer X: If you are talking about that attorney directory, I don’t even want to know.
Jeannie: What else do you think I am talking about?
Lawyer X: Let’s have lunch first and discuss the problems after, can we?
Jeannie: You’re the boss. As you wish.
Lawyer X: Thank Jeannie for all your help
Jeannie: Thank you Lawyer X. I hope a lot of people will go out and buy A Girl Named Sandy. As well as your other books! We should link to your Amazon page.
Lawyer X, giggling: OK. Thank you. I don’t know about my picture though. I don’t look like that anymore.
Jeannie giggling: Well nobody has to know that Lawyer X. We will keep it our secret.
Lawyer X: OK.
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