UK: Gambling and Social Media Addiction Responsible for 20% of Divorce in UK

According to this website gambling and Facebook are absolutely wrecking havoc on marriages in the United Kingdom. There seems to be an increase in gambling addiction in particular and the result is that the marriages are being wrecked left and right.
I am not sure if this is also true in the United States as I do not know the statistics but I do know that Facebook and other social media platforms are being cited and/implicated in an increasing number of divorces. And it makes sense from a certain standpoint. There is a lot of temptation and opportunity that Facebook affords would be cheaters and as more people join the platform, it only makes sense that more people will be cheating and that more marriages will be wrecked.
The gambling issue is a whole other can of worms. Interestingly, this never seems to be a huge problem in very high networth divorces, only in poor, working class and middle class. This also makes sense. Rich people are rich often times because they did not squander their money. They pinched their pennies and held on to as much of their money as possible. They did not, for lack of a better word, piss it away at a gambling outfit. So maybe this is why you hardly ever hear of a rich couple getting divorced because one of the spouses has a gambling problem.
But then again, there is a Rumor that Ben Affleck’s gambling was an issue in his divorce from Jennifer Garner. So who really knows about these things?