BRAZIL: Athina Onassis Divorce sends her running to Prince Harry For Comfort

Poor little rich girl Athina Onassis. She has all this morning which she inherited from her grandfather Aristotle Onassis – ex husband of US First Lady Jackie Onassis. And she finally marries this equestrian in Brazil named Alvaro de Mirand or “Doda” for short. And what does he do? Allegedly, he was caught cheating on her in their mansion in Florida while she was in Europe. If money can’t at least buy happiness what the heck is the point of it? Quite seriously? But rumor has it that she and Prince Harry are dating. So maybe it will work out for her in the end.
Just a quick summary of Athina:

  • The granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis has been married to Alvaro de Miranda Neto, known as ‘Doda,’ for over a decade 
  • Doda was found in bed with a blonde at the couple’s $2 million home that the heiress bought in the horsey-heaven of Wellington, Florida 
  • Olympic medal-winning husband had a one-night stand with the sister of an international equestrian  
  • Even though Doda begged them not to – security told Athina about the tryst and she immediately packed her bags and went off to Europe 
  • Athina, 31, is an international equestrian herself and hopes to represent Greece in this summer’s Olympics in Rio 
  • She inherited $2.7 billion on her 18th birthday from her tragic mother Christina Onassis
  • Aristotle Onassis was the billionaire shipping magnate married to Jackie Kennedy

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