A Divorce Tree: Planting to Signify New Life and Growth After a Split

A lot of people are left drifting after a divorce. They don’t quite know what to do with themselves now that life as they know it has imploded. They think they can never ever recover. They think the best years of their lives were extinguished the day that their former spouse walked down those steps and out of their lives. This is especially true for couples that did not have children.
I have an idea of how you can restart your life and start growing in a new direction and soon start bearing fruit in your new life: Plant a tree! I am serious. Plant a tree. A tree that gives you pleasure to care for. A fruit tree; a flower tree; a shrub; a vegetable vine. Whatever you prefer. The idea is to be responsible for this thing and watch as it grows and imagine that this growth is a metaphor for your life. I personally like the idea of a fruit tree that bears fruits. But you can plant whatever you want. It is like a marker. You mark the new beginning with a tree.
Of course, if you know that you are not a green thumb, maybe this idea will not work for you because if the tree dies you may become unhinged when you think this is a metaphor for your life. So know yourself and to your own self be true.
If you re a green thumb, a nice way to celebrate your new life is to plant a tree that gives you pleasure (whether with fruits, vegetables, a nice scent, flowers, or what have you) and nurture it. If possible, forever.
You can call it your “giving tree.” But it can be your little secret as most people just would not understand.
Yea, but what do you think?
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