New Book on Kindle: The Divorce Lawyer's Toolkit $2.99

There is a new book for Divorce lawyers and practitioners in town.

The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit: Your Secret Weapon For Getting Ahead of the Competition

is now available on Kindle for $2.99

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Here is a short summary by the author:

The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit is geared towards Divorce and Matrimonial Lawyers in principle (and in title). However, the tips provided can be implemented by any lawyer who wants to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. These tips include but are not limited to understanding the importance of SEO, creating a marketing plan for your firm (at the beginning if you are just starting out but it is never too late to do it even if you have been practicing for years), creating the right brand “image” for yourself and your firm, hiring professionals to help you sell your brand – and other gems. These ideas are applicable to all lawyers in any niche of law practice in any state, in any country.

This book will soon to be available in hard copy version for $9.99 (with free kindle). We will keep you posted on that. Oh and btw the book was written by Divorce Saloon’s very own Editor in Chief, Lawyer X.

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