Dear Attorney: Your "image" is costing you clients! Get a haircut!

So one of my observations about lawyers is that some lawyers are clueless about the value (the sheer dollar value!) of their glasses and haircuts. That is a nice way of saying that a lot of lawyers carry themselves in a very “crappy” way – no offense – and they don’t understand why they don’t have MORE clients and why the competition (and not THEM) has the competitive edge.
I am here to tell you, counsel, that the reason you don’t have a competitive edge may be as simple as your the shirt you decided to wear without pressing it. It may be as simple as getting your shoe polished even if it is an old shoe. It may be as simple as wearing a blouse that is not so tight it crushes your boobs. (Forgive me if that was a little bit too blunt.)
Image matters in this business and by the way, the image of your firm itself – including the location, furniture and air freshener also counts.
So, if you are looking to get a competitive advantage over the competition you need to consider how your “image” is helping or hurting.
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