Does Your Law Firm Website Look Racist? You Could be Losing Clients

One of the mistakes I think a lot of lawyers make when they create their website is that they have a blind spot to the fact that potential clients are ethnically diverse. They fail to appreciate that when potential clients come to a website where they see ALL the lawyers are one race, or ALL the employees of the firm look the same racially, they may mistakenly think that the law firm only takes a certain type of client – one who looks like everybody at the firm.
I have seen websites where on the home page there is a picture of all the firm’s employees and you have upwards of ten people who work for the firm in the shot and EVERYBODY is the same – either the same race or gender. This looks like the firm discriminates. It looks like the firm has a blind spot when it comes to diversity and while it may be ok with the people who work for the firm, it may not be okay for prospective clients who see this website that has so many lawyers and not one looks like them. Diversity in a firm’s hiring practices (or certainly in its website) can help or hurt the bottom line, in my opinion. Nobody has done a study on this yet. But I would wager that a lot of firms lose a lot of money when clients see some of these websites.
Now, this may be true of your firm. It may be true that you discriminate and that you do so for your own reasons and that it works for you when everybody is the same and all your clients are just like your firm. And if so, no harm no foul. Carry on. But if it is NOT true that you only accept one type of client, or that you only hire one type of worker, you might want to think about whether you are inadvertently sending the opposite message with a website of the firm’s lawyers that is mono-racial or mono-gendered.
Remember that your website is the first thing potential clients know about you. Try not to cheat yourself out of thousands of dollars in revenues every year by creating a website that makes you look like you “discriminate” on the basis of race or gender – unless you actually do.
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Ms. Lewis is the founder and editor in chief of Divorce Saloon International.