Book Review for WIN! Achieve Business Success With These 13 Concepts


So, you want to  “WIN” at business.  Maybe you are a little bit stuck or feeling blocked as far as how to take things to the next level.  This book by Lawyer X is easy to read, and compact and it might be just the thing you need to tweak your business strategy so that you can achieve a higher level of success. Ms Lewis has authored several books however this one is the first one I have reviewed.
The title suggests that the author is dispensing advice about how to achieve business success, obviously. If that is the intention, then I think the author succeeded in providing some very useful ideas – novel ideas – to the reader about what it takes to “win” at business whether you are a lawyer or any other type of business owner. She even points out that being a lawyer and having a law firm is a “business.” This is germane because I think a lot of people don’t think of their lawyer as a “business.”
I agree with the author’s point of view overall. The book got me to thinking in a whole new way about some of my own projects that I am trying to launch.
I do think that the table of contents could probably have provided page numbers rather it just lists the title chapters. But in an e-book format, this is not a big deal. (The book also has a printed version available on Amazon.) But I think she should have provided the page numbers in the table of contents.
I really liked the easy to read, informal style employed by Ms Lewis in this book, though. It is short chapters based on one word, for example “Icon” or “Influence.” This book is very suitable to the readers she appears to be targeting which are business owners such as lawyers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. But really, anyone would find this book helpful to their goal of personal success.
Another thing I appreciated about the book is that the author uses simple vocabulary to convey her points. Her style is very succinct without losing worthwhileness and usefulness and clarity. She cuts out just enough of the fat. Not too much.  When I was finished reading, though, I wished it had been a little bit longer! I thought “only 13 concepts? It should have been 20!”
The book is less than 100 pages so it is a short book and this is a positive but the information was so great that I wished it would have been longer.
I highly recommend WIN! Achieve Business Success with these 13 Concepts to anyone who wants to succeed with their business whether it is an online store or a mom & pop shop or a 50 person law practice.
You can buy the book on Amazon and in the Kindle Store.

TITLE: WIN! Achieve Success With These 13 Concepts

Author:  Lawyer X

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: The Waterfall Press in assoc. Divorce Saloon International (Createspace)

Publication date: August 8, 2016

edition: 1st

Price: Amazon $9.99 Kindle Store $2.99

ISBN: 13: 978-1536952827