How to dress for divorce court

What should you wear to court when you are getting divorced? This is easy. Appropriate attire for divorce court is not all that scientific. Just dress conservatively, and simply. Just be well-groomed, simple and pulled together. You don’t have to wear all your best jewelry, your fur coat and your most expensive Birkin bag. I mean, you can wear it if you want. But I have always counseled my clients to look well, be groomed, but don’t look like you’re Joan Collins and¬†about to check into the Ritz. At the end of the day, though, you have the right to wear what you want and if people are judgmental that’s their issue, not yours. Just be smart about it. Understand what is at stake. Know that this whole thing (divorce court) is a game. It’s a movie. And you are a character who is playing a role. And you don’t want to send the wrong message to the judge (trier of fact) or lose the sympathy vote because you look “too rich.” This is especially pertinent for women. For some reason, women are more in the spotlight in divorce court, I’ve found. Especially high profile divorces. Just like your wedding was all about your dress (nobody cared what your husband wore), so too, the divorce is the woman’s show and what she wears to divorce court can impact the outcome for her. So exercise caution.
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Originally published March 6 2009