How to have a green divorce

Well, I am not sure if this is even possible, but keeping in mind what the whole Green ideology is all about, here’s how I would say a green divorce can be accomplished:
1) send all files to your attorney by email (reduce the amount of paper that is copied, mailed, printed out and shredded.)
2) communicate by email more rather than make office visits (saves on gas, utility bills, cell phone bills and cell phone “emissions.”)
3) Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that are locally grown rather than giving into stress and pigging out on junk food which will only pack on weight anyway.
4) Close off some of the rooms of the marital residence since there is one less person in residence – that way you will save on gas, electricity and other utilities.
5) Take soothing baths rather than showers. Now that you are getting divorce, a soothing bath may soothe you and calm you down more than a shower which only wastes more water.
6) Agree to work things out amicably with your spouse, no matter what – amicable divorces take less time to litigate and so they use less resources such as electricity, phone and gas (for going to court).
7)If you are getting divorced because your spouse was a Internet addict of some sort, this is a great way to go green by cutting down on the amount of hours the computer is on
8)Level with your boss that you are getting divorced and ask for some time off where you can continue to work from home – telecommuting has been shown to be a good, green way to work.
9)Take long walks to clear your head rather than make frequent trips by car to your soon to be ex’s place just to see how many cars are in the driveway – walking is a stress reliever and it is greener than driving
10)Read a lot of books and articles about your rights during a divorce so that you are more informed and you and your attorney can work together to get you what is fair as a settlement – and get energy saving light bulbs to do it.