Beauty: The ultimate post-divorce home-made facial mask

Divorcing? Feeling down? Give yourself a “sweetened cocoa” mask as a post-divorce treat

Well, I was savoring the fact that I no longer live in NYC and hence did not have to spend my weekend digging out of the snowstorm of 2010 today; instead, took a cool drive down to Tallahassee to see my sister. It didn’t snow there, but it sure felt like it would any minute. It was freeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzing.

What do you do when it is freezing in Florida? You don’t go to the beach. You stay in. You eat. And you give yourselves facial masks. My sister actually gave me a great recipe for a facial which I want to share with you, especially if you are going through a divorce and have left yourself and your skin to the elements. This mask clarifies and exfoliates and just absolutely closes all your pores and makes you look like a million bucks; it literally reveals the real you beneath all the haggardness and greyness that comes from the stresses of whatever is going on in your life.  And all it takes are a few ingredients from your kitchen and an hour of your time.

 Sweetened cocoa mask

What you need:

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

capsule of milk

tea spoon baking soda

1 tablespoon coarse sugar (white or brown it doesn’t matter)


Mix all the ingredients into a paste. Then apply it to face in circular motion so that the sugar particles gives you a gentle scrub in the process. Make sure your entire face and neck are thoroughly covered. Let it sit there and dry for about one hour. Remove with warm water and wash cloth after an hour has passed.

Now tell me, isn’t that the most miraculous facial mask you have ever experienced? Aren’t you glowing like a light? Now you can apply your regular moisturizer and go along with your day and life.
*Don’t allow a divorce to drag you down. Take charge and give yourself biweekly sweetened cocoa masks! It works. It really does!
All images courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Originally published December 28, 2010