Divorce Food: Should you get on the DIVORCE DIET?

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Should you go on the Divorce Diet?

Speaking of divorce & food, I was reading an article online about the DIVORCE DIET but I lost the page and cannot find it. Still, the gist of it was that when women go through divorce, they tend to lose a lot of weight for some reason. It could be because they stop eating, or eat significantly less than customary. And of course, it’s the stress of going through a break up, especially a particularly acrimonious split.
I bet you that is the one thing that a lot of women like about their divorce – the fact that they usually come out of it so much thinner. I don’t say that to be insensitive because I realize that a lot of women can’t help it that they have lost their appetite at a time like this. The divorce diet is naturally induced!
But what woman doesn’t want to be thinner? I mean, I could sure use a divorce experience right now as I desperately want to shed 30 pounds. I hear that that is the average amount of weight that people shed when they go through a divorce. (BTW men are also prone to losing weight during this time.)
It seems that the divorce diet came about because people who are in the situation just straight up forget to eat. Or if they do it, it is very sporadic. They subsist on pretzels and diet soda, and sometimes a cup of tea. The rest of the time they are in overdrive, doing research, talking with their attorney, strategizing, or just feeling a little bit sad. Here is a seven day diet that my divorced friend told me she followed. She lost a lot of weight and kept it off even though it’s been a year and a half since her divorce. She advised me to follow her diet for one week and see the amazing results. I am really seriously considering it cause I MUST lost 30 pounds by next month.

Day 1
Breakfast - cup of coffee, black no sugar
Midmorning snack - nothing
Lunch - a handful of pretzels
afternoon snack diet soda, one carrot stick
Dinner - a grape
Day 2
Breakfast - nothing
Midmorning snack a clementine
Lunch - diet soda
midafternoon snack - nothing
Dinner - sweetened black tea, 2 cookies
Day 3
Breakfast - cup of hot water with lemon
Midmorning snack - nothing
Lunch - cup of coffee with milk and sugar
Afternoon snack - second cup of coffee with milk and sugar
Dinner - cup of soup (made by best friend) and slice of bread
Day 4
Skip breakfast and morning snack
Lunch - open a bottle of tender cactus and serve on crackers
Dinner - a snicker's bar
Evening snack - a warm cup of tea
Midnight snack: a clementine
Day 5
Breakfast - skip
Midmorning snack - handful of mixed nuts
Lunch - pick at a cucumber and tomato salad
Afternoon snack - skip
Dinner - cup of tea and two cookies
Midnight snack - a clementine
Day 6
Breakfast - coffee
Snack - coffee and a piece of chocolate
Lunch - skip
Snack - half an apple
Dinner - bowl of chicken noodle soup
Snack - skip
dessert - a clementine

My friend tells me that if I follow this diet which she followed when she was going through her divorce (she did this for months) that I will be skinny in a week. I am very seriously considering trying it. Although, I have to say, it sounds really, really unhealthy!
Originally published January 21 2009 & reposted August 11 2010
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Originally published January 21, 2009