Celebrity Divorce updates: Amber Heard Releases Video of Johnny Depp Losing it in Kitchen, DRUNK

In what appears to be a cell phone video of actor Johnny Depp in a drunken rage, his soon to be ex wife Amber Heard can be heard calmly in the background asking her husband “what happened? Why are you behaving like this. Did you drink the whole bottle?”
The video is pretty explicit and he is ranting and cursing and slamming cabinets and at one point he seems to have lounged at her to grab the cell phone on which she is taping the scene.
To be fair, one has to point out that these are still allegations because the video has not been authenticated and people in Depp’s camp have come out to say that the video is “doctored ” and edited. So this is not definitive by any means.
Even assuming that it is authenticated, would Ms Heard be able to use this video against her husband in court? Well, the wiretapping laws do not cover videotaping someone surreptitiously to my knowledge. A person cannot secretly record a telephone conversation or put spyware on their computer but it is unclear that Amber would have been barred from video-taping Mr Depp on her own cellphone. She did not manipulate the wires, this clearly is not a “wiretap.” The fact that he did not know he was being recorded and did not give her permission to diffuse it to TMZ could possibly be an invasion of privacy tort issue. Does he have a reasonable expectation of privacy to go into a drunken rage in his own home and not have his wife video tape it and diffuse it to the entire world? That is a good question. I am not privy to the answer on that. But I do think that the video-taping in and of itself was perfectly legal. And frankly, if she can get it in, is a very important piece of evidence.
Wow. This is Mel Gibson Part II. Do you think Johnny will get another job in Hollywood after this??